Classicnoir.com’s mission is to create an online film community. We are committed to reviewing and selling the work of filmmakers of the Classic Noir era, a period of film history that is often misunderstood or overlooked.

Classicnoir.com is a small, family run website that seeks to encourage life-long learning about the moving image and the film noir genre.

Our directory of movie titles includes over 900 titles and is growing every month. More than just movies, Classic Noir Online also includes feature stories, along with a superb collection of stars, directors, and writers and more. From Abandoned and Act of Violence to Touch of Evil and The Wrong Man, along with timeless stars like Humphrey Bogart, Alan Ladd and Robert Mitchum, you can find all the greatest films and noir legends on Classic Noir Online.

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5 responses to “About

  1. Neville ⋅

    Could someone please identify a movie from the screenshot at http://www.mercurymedia.org/programmes/empire-state-building-murders (DON’T CLICK PLAY BUTTON). Many thanks – nevdaley@hotmail.com

  2. Dan McInnis ⋅

    Thanks for the website. Hopefully with support this web destination will help in the cause of an incredibly fine genre.

  3. harold cronin ⋅

    dear sir, are these films to watch or are they for information only, as ive tried to watch, but there is no icon that says start film. thank you,regards. h

  4. Have produced CZAR OF NOIR: EDDIE MULLER STEPS FROM THE SHADOWS, a one-hour doc about Eddie and noir in general. Would you like a review copy? JOHN STANLEY

  5. My name is Richard Smith aka Fredrico Fabuloso. Love this website !!! Will you contact me about doing a Post featuring this site on my website http://www.noiruniverse.net ? My email is fredricofabuloso@gmail.net Great design !

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