What’s On Television

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES is the best place to find film noir on cable/satellite TV. They offer great commentaries by Robert Osborne as well trailers and a weekly film noir showcase “Darkness At Dawn.” “Darkness at Dawn” is currently scheduled for 10:00am (est) every Saturday morning.

Turner’s Monthly Schedule

AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS is another great source for film noir. AMC also features interesting behind-the-scenes features such as “Cinema Secrets.”

AMC’s Monthly Schedule

THE MYSTERY CHANNEL runs film noir on a regular basis. Their current lineup also features a film noir movie every Monday night at 8:00pm (est). Set the VCR!
Mystery Channel’s Monthly Schedule

FOX MOVIE CHANNEL often will run classic film noir that many other channels simply don’t carry. If you’d ever like to tape movies like “House on 92nd Street” or “Panic in the Streets”, tune in here

Fox Movie Channel’s Monthly Schedule

PBS affiliates often will run the best and brightest of film noir during their late-night programming on weekends. Check your local affiliates schedule to learn more.
Find Your Local PBS Schedule

TV NOW publishes a monthly schedule of film noir on television listings.
Find Film Noir Listings for the Month


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